Lamar White, Jr



Lamar White, Jr. is the founder and publisher of The Bayou Brief, which is Louisiana's first and only statewide nonprofit digital news outlet. He has been writing about the culture, history, and politics of Louisiana for nearly twenty years, beginning as a teenager on The Town Talk's Youth Council. He was born and raised in Alexandria, graduated from public high school, and went on to earn an undergraduate degree from Rice University in Houston and a law degree from SMU in Dallas. His reporting about Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi has been featured nationally and internationally, and he has been profiled by The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, ABC News, the BBC, The Advocate, and The Town Talk. He also worked for nearly five years as former Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy's special assistant, before embarking on his law degree. Lamar is primarily known for his investigative reporting on racism and political corruption in the American Deep South.

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